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“What Are The Arguments For And Against The Existence Of God?” Response

arguments for god

It’s important to get other points of view although you’ll find that the arguments haven’t really changed very much. I want to analyze and respond to this podcast-


at 12 minutes..the caller points out that if there is a god and he wants a relationship with ALL of us, why doesn’t he do ANYthing to actually have a relationship? I feel the exact same way. It’s an honest question.

at 13 minutes the host points out that most people believe in god. This is clearly a distortion of the truth. Most people believe in MANY different gods. By some estimates, 2 THOUSAND gods are being worshipped today.

The host says god has given us ‘quite a bit of evidence’ then of course does not get into specifics. at 14:50, the host goes 100% slippery slope and says what if god was right next to you ALWAYS? ┬áThis is ridiculous and clearly a distraction from the original question.

At 16:30 the caller makes a great point about our time on earth being minute compared to the time in heaven so shouldn’t ‘god’ try to help us not goto hell? ┬áNot much response from the host..just more assertions that god has given us enough proof. Unfortunately, we don’t ‘choose’ our beliefs, we must be convinced.

at 20 minutes, the host gets into the ‘moral argument’ which claims that god must exist because we have morals. Empathy is the basis for morality. I don’t want to die nor want to see others receive harm. So get enough people who feel the same way and you suddenly have a ‘moral society’. Plus, other gods/religions can make the same argument for their god(s). This gets us nowhere.

at 31:30, the caller makes the claim that the walls of Jericho fell in a certain way to create a pathway so the children of Israel could come in and conquer Jericho. This is convincing to you that a god of the universe exists?

at 42 minutes, the caller makes point that if faith is a gift from god..then does god give this gift to everybody? Well, can ‘faith’ lead people to believe in a false god? YES! of course. So ‘faith’ is a gift from god?

43 minutes, the host claims that long term atheism is due to a moral issue. I really hope he’s not trying to say that people ‘just want to sin’ so they pretend to believe that god doesn’t exist. See the problem with trying to fool a god knowing you’ll be sent to hell for quadrillions of years? Absurd.

Another caller asks for more of this ‘proof’ that the host keeps talking about. The host provides nothing in response.

Conclusion- this ‘god’ is 100% indistinguishable from a god that doesn’t exist. I could literally invent a god right now and there’s nothing anybody could do or say to separate this ‘god’ from my fictional one.



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