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Atheist or Agnostic? Bad Question..

Atheist or Agnostic

You SURELY have heard this countless times- “I’m not a theist or an atheist, I’m agnostic because I’m not sure if a god exists”.

This answer is Incorrect. There is no “middle ground” between being a theist and being an atheist. This is a binary option as theist means to believe in a god or gods and Atheist means NOT believing in a god or gods.

Knowledge is a subset of belief. These two terms are NOT mutually exclusive. Everybody is a Gnostic OR Agnostic – Theist OR Atheist.
Since I don’t know if a god exists or is even possible and I’m not actively believing in a god or gods…I am an agnostic atheist.

You can believe things but not know for certain.  (Much of this info is from Matt Dillahunty).



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