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Better Believe in god or Suffer the consequences!

Believe in a god or burn in hell forever!

How many times have you said or heard this phrase?

“You better believe in god before it’s Too Late or you will suffer in HELL forever!!!!!!”

So, this is either a message from an all powerful, all loving, all moral, omniscient god of the universe..OR..it’s a man made tactic used to scare people into believing a ‘god’ to be real and spread a religion.

Let’s examine what is more likely to be true.

Could an All powerful, All loving, All knowing god of the universe Require belief based on Faith KNOWING for a fact that Most of the planet and Most of the people who have ever Lived would be sent to hell Forever because faith can lead to different conclusions?

Can you be ‘All Loving’ and ‘All knowing’ and setup this system?

Would a man made system use this to scare people into believing?

Which is more Likely?

We Really have No Choice. We do not choose our beliefs. If we are not convinced that something is true, then we will withhold belief. Most atheists would PREFER to believe in an ‘All loving’ god and live forever and see your friends and family after death. But if we said we believed, we would be lying due to lack of evidence.

An ‘All knowing’, ‘All loving’ god would recognize this problem and provide evidence for his existence.

Mere men creating a fictional god COULD not provide evidence and hence would Demand ‘faith’ and use threats for Nonbelievers.

Love this particular video on this subject-


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