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But my god helps me in my life!

god helps me in my life
Have you heard the phrase “I KNOW god exists because he has helped me/saved me in my life!”.
The first thing I’d like to respond with is this video from Sam Harris-

So people claim a ‘god’ helps them find a Sweet parking spot at the mall yet this same god let’s Thousands of innocent children die or HORRIFIC, PAINFUL, SLOW, Agonizing Death Every Single Day??

Here’s what’s really going on. People are indoctrinated to believe that a particular god is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in their lives. They hear this over and over and over again. Then people will then assert their god is responsible for everything great that happens to them (but not the bad stuff, isn’t that surprising?). These people will then tell others or post online about their experience and how they attribute it to their god. 100,000 people can die from something but one person will live and post how their god saved them. The other 99,999 don’t get a chance to post how their god DIDN’T save them. And the cycle continues.



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