Home Articles on Religion But they found the ARK! So the flood happened..

But they found the ARK! So the flood happened..

noah's ark story is a fairy tale

No.  No, they didn’t.

No ark has ever been found nor is there ANY evidence at all for a global flood. The noah’s ark story is ripped from the ‘flood of gilgamesh’. Wiki Link

The entire Noah’s ark story is amazingly absurd. If you take your “god glasses” off and read it with a logical, skeptical mind…you’ll see it doesn’t make any sense.

Do you really want to admit that your ‘All loving, All moral’ god SLOWLY DROWNED (Horrific Torture!!!) every single newborn baby and child on planet earth? Including every INNOCENT animal?? Can you imagine those babies and kids crying and trying to stay above the water until they became so exhausted that their lungs filled with water? That’s a nice god you got there.

Luckily, it’s a fictional story.


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