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The Extremely absurd concept- Original Sin.


So ‘Adam and Eve’ were minding their own business then a talking serpent tricks Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Because she took a bite thousands of years ago, you now are born a sinner and have to carry her punishment. (oh yeah, she handed Adam a bite too).

This sounds fair to you? Should you be punished for something your ancestor did thousands of years ago? This is moral?

Let’s say I put 2 toddlers in a room and set some skittles on the floor and told the toddlers to NEVER touch the skittles. Then I walk out and send in another adult knowing with 1,000% ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the adult will successfully trick the toddlers into eating the skittles. Are the toddlers to blame?

This entire ‘Adam and Eve’ story is an attempt (a poor one) to brainwash people into believing they are born broken, at fault, guilty and need to be saved. If you can successfully DO that, you are well on your way to controlling a population.

Besides, wasn’t the FIRST sin committed by the Serpent? If you agree with this statement, then wasn’t ‘god’ ultimately responsible engineering this situation for failure¬†with 100% absolute certainty?




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