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Faith or Evidence? Which is it?

belief based on faith is a scam

We are quite often presented with the idea that there is a god who wants us to believe in him and have a ‘relationship’ with him BUT he demands that we believe in him without evidence and just have ‘faith’.  Again, either a god exists or this is man made to trick people into believing.

You may also hear the same person or a different person say they have Evidence that their god exists. The ‘evidence’ presented is typically either : My god has helped me in my life or I have felt my god or there is proof that my religious book is true or I have NO IDEA how the universe god here so my particular god did it.

As Matt Dillahunty has presented so clearly – “Faith is not a path to Truth”

The fact is that IF there really was a god…we would ALL have evidence that it existed. The fact that we Don’t have any evidence and we KNOW that 10 thousand+ gods have been Invented throughout history shows that it’s Far more likely that people invented ALL gods and religions for the purpose of power, wealth and control.

Evidence the ONLY way to verify that a god exists. If you ever want to trick a mass of people…demand they just have faith.

“Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” – Napoleon Bonaparte



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