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How Intelligent is ‘god’ anyways??


Think about how many atoms are in a drop of water..

about 5 sextillion atoms in one drop.

dropofwater Think about how many drops of water are in a glass.

Think about how much water is in Lake Michigan.lake-michigan-2

Think about how much water is on planet earth.

Then think about how much matter makes up the entire planet.earth_pacific_jul_30_2010-e1402679630545

Think about how much matter makes up a planet like Jupiter.
jupiter earth

Think about how much matter makes up a tiny star like the Sun.
jupiter-sun Think about how many solar systems are in our galaxy. Scientists estimate that there may be tens of billions of solar systems in our galaxy, perhaps even as many as 100 billion.


Lastly, think about how many galaxies are in the universe. According to the best estimates of astronomers there are at least one hundred billion galaxies.

If every single atom in the universe was the brain of Stephen Hawking. All of them COMBINED would be Nothing compared to the “God of the Universe“.

This is the intelligence of the god we are referring to, correct?

If so, I have no idea why we are even discussing the existence of this god. If we are all baffled and confused on his existence due to lack of evidence…then it’s 100% on purpose.

And a book from this god would be PERFECTLY clear to everybody who ever reads it, forever..no exceptions.



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