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Morality PROVES god is real! …Really?

morality proves god is real

SOO much to say on this point.

How can you assert something as the cause without even proving that the ‘something’ exists? or is even possible?  Morality PROVES Fairies are Real! You could literally insert anything.

Is the bible or the Quran is good source of morality? There are some good bits and pieces you can cherry pick but there are some Really awful verses in both. From an all loving, all powerful god? Clearly not.

How well would the human species survive and prosper if morality did NOT exist? Empathy is the start of moral behavior. I don’t want to be harmed. I don’t want my friends and family to be harmed. I even feel bad when I see people I don’t know being harmed. Get millions of people that feel the same way and all of a sudden, you have a ‘moral’ society.

Check out more from Matt Dillahunty in his speech on secular morality-

Morality has evolved as we do and varies depending on where you are located on planet earth. There is clearly not a ‘moral giver’ as we could point to one single source that everybody could clearly understand. Where are these “10 commandments” anyway? They came straight from god but were etched in something fragile?

Sam Harris gives an amazing speech on the morality of the christian god-


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