Home Articles on Religion Science is just a bunch of Theories! Nothing Proven.

Science is just a bunch of Theories! Nothing Proven.

scientific theory

Science is just a bunch of unproven theories!

So there are a couple different definitions of the word ‘theory’. And one definition IS just a ‘guess’.

But the definition of a Scientific Theory is Very Different. A scientific theory is the Highest achievement in Science. There is nothing higher. It has been rigorously tested and peer reviewed. Science actually OPENLY WELCOMES ANYBODY to step up and prove a scientific theory false.

Evolution has Mountains of evidence supporting it from Multiple fields of science.  You would have to ignore the evidence provided by biology, paleontology, molecular biology, genetics, anthropology, and many more fields of study.

Take a peek at this short video from Aron Ra. If your genuinely interested in learning and Not being willfully ignorant to keep your beliefs…you will like this info he provides.


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