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The bible is true because it says so.

the bible is the truth because

Have you ever said or heard somebody say that the bible is the TRUE word of god because the bible says so?

It’s about as circular as it gets.

The bible is the CLAIM…asserting that a specific god exists and that the bible is his book. The real question is WHERE is the evidence Anywhere outside of the bible to support this claim?

We know that the bible is 100% hear-say by mostly anonymous authors who weren’t alive during the time of ‘jesus’. It was written 70-100’s of years after this ‘jesus’ supposedly died and all we have are copies of translations of copies, no originals. We know that the bible has been filtered and edited over the years AND the bible you read on Sunday’s doesn’t even match the oldest bible that DOES exist.

THIS is exactly what you’d expect if a god REALLY EXISTED!?!? Right?

Of course not. This is Exactly what you’d expect if MEN wrote the bible and tried to claim it was from a god.

Even if you don’t watch the entire movie..just watch the timeline section of ‘The god who wasn’t there’ Starts at 11:15 –

Think about a ‘god of the universe’ and how he is 999 Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion to the power of a Trillion times smarter than Einstein.

He is everywhere AND knows the future. If he gave us a book, I would expect it to be jaw dropping and amazing. Just full of priceless information and THE most valuable book ever written times a quadrillion. Literally, everybody in the world would love to read it over and over.  Yet, nearly nobody reads the bible cover to cover. It’s a confusing, immoral, horrific book full of nearly Zero helpful information.

Guess what that means?


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