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Then WHO created everything if not god?

Who created the universe if not god

Of course this question gets asked ALOT. “Who created the universe?”.

There are a few problems with it. First, inserting the word “WHO’ automatically assumes it was a being. The fact is, we have absolutely no idea where the material in the universe came from.

The second problem with the question is that it asserts that if you cannot provide an Answer to it, then the default answer is ‘god did it’. But that’s not how we get to the truth. You cannot assert something as the answer unless you provide evidence that it exists or is even possible. I could say Fairies created the universe and it would be no different. Not toe mention thousands of gods today claim to have made everything.

Let’s take a peek at WHY we don’t have the answer yet.

The universe is about 14,000,000,000 years old. We’ve had advanced technology for about 35 years? The universe is 27 Billion light years wide? (Or maybe 156 Billion light years wide? CNN article)

Does it make sense that we might not have the answers to all the big questions quite yet? Let’s not make up fairy tale stories to explain what we don’t know and ALL start searching together for the Real Answers.

I’m willing the bet that the REAL explanation for the universe and life is Mind Blowing! I hope we discover it in my lifetime.


  1. Ok, so you don’t believe in god. I accept that. Let’s take god out of the equation. As such, let’s reword the question to “How was the universe created?” According to this post, your answer is, “I don’t know.”

    In my experience, atheists spend a great deal of energy talking about an entity that they don’t believe exists and railing against those who believe in that entity. So much energy is projected outward to a nonentity, yet they often do not take the time to look inward to figure out what they do believe. They seem to wrap their identity around the nonbelief instead of having a different independent belief system of their own based on intellectual inquiry and introspection.

    What is this blog post about? The title implied there would be an answer, but this article did not illuminate anything.

    • “The title implied there would be an answer, but this article did not illuminate anything.” this is a good question. The point of the short article is the error in the question by asking “WHO” when in reality we have no idea how the universe was created. 100’s of millions of people think they already have the answer in a ‘god’ and therefore are not searching for the REAL answer. Let’s All search for real answers and see where that gets us.


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