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What if you are Wrong? Hell for YOU!

What if you're wrong about god

Have you ever heard or have told somebody “What if you’re WRONG?!? If I’ve lived my life as though god exists and I die and there’s a god, I goto heaven. If I die and god does NOT exist, I’ve lost nothing”

This is also known as “Pascal’s wager” (google it if you want) and it’s really a terrible reason to believe in ANY god.

1st- You think your god doesn’t know that you’re just believing to cover your butt? Would he be happy about that?

2nd- Why are you conveniently ignoring the other THOUSANDS of gods being worshipped today? How do they all factor into your equation?

3rd- How much money and time did you waste in your one and only life worshipping a fairy tale god? You do have some loss if you are wrong.

4th- Please explain to me How I can ‘choose’ to believe in Any god when I KNOW there is no evidence for ANY of them? Do you want me to LIE and PRETEND to believe? Is that OK? Because if I told you I believed right now, I would be Lying. We do not choose our beliefs…we must be Convinced!

5th- And my Favorite response to this question




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