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What if You were to invent a religion?


Let’s say you had the task to invent a god/religion and you had to write the book for this fictional religion. If the goal was to get as many followers as possible and get the religion to spread as far as possible…

What would you say in the book?

Would you offer the Ultimate ‘carrot’ for believers and threaten the ultimate ‘stick’ for everybody else?

Would you use ‘Guilt’ tactics and tell people they are worthless without your particular god? Maybe tell them their loving god has given the ultimate sacrifice for them? Surely that would make people feel grateful and be more devoted?

You know there’s no evidence for your invented god so how would you handle the requests for evidence? Would you demand they just have ‘faith’ because the god requires it? Would you tell people to not question the god?

Would you tell the followers to go spread the word of this religion to save people from the ultimate, horrific punishment for NOT believing in your god?

What if people were kind of falling away from the religion just due to being caught up in their daily lives? How would you handle that situation? Could you tell them that the world is going to end ANY DAY now so they better be prepared?

What if people pointed out errors in your book..what would be your response? Call the passages metaphorical? Maybe just say we can’t understand god because he is so far beyond us so just have faith?

Would you tell people that they are to get direction from a chosen set of your religious leaders so you can keep a tight grip on what they are thinking and doing?

How would you handle the people who criticize or don’t believe in your particular god? Would you try to diminish them and tell your followers to avoid them?

I’m really just scratching the surface here. Think about Everything you would write in your completely fake religious book IF YOUR GOAL was to grow and control your followers.

After you have thought about this question thoroughly…

then go read your bible.  ; )



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